Mobile, rugged, scalable platform, providing forward deployment with or without internet or electric connectivity

emergency management system gokitPre-configured, reusable, self-contained and hardened for mission readiness, the irms|GOKIT is ready-to-go at a moment’s notice and contains everything necessary to operate and move inventory management, patient treatment dispensing, and mass casualty and sheltering sites most anywhere.

With connectivity, opportunistic data sync provides communication with Command & Control for a managed coordinated response. End-to-end transaction auditing ensures operational accountability, and business intelligence provides real-time actionable data now while assisting with post-event analysis later. Schedule a demo today.

irms|GOKIT Hardware

Choice of field-deployable hardware

  • Preloaded/Configured Computer Server(s)
  • Inventory/Patient Data Collection Handhelds
  • Inventory,Location,Patient Bar Code Scanners
  • Bar Code Label Printers
  • Report/Documentation Printers
  • Self-Contained Wireless
  • Peripherals (USB Drives, Cables, etc.)
  • Custom, Ruggedized Case

irms|GOKIT Software

Choice of IRMS® software supporting

  • SNS, CHEMPACK, Emergency Inventory
  • Automated Push Pack Handling
  • Configurable RSS/RDN/POD Levels
  • Inventory Receipt, Staging, Storage, QA/QC
  • Automated Inventory Apportionment
  • CBRNE and Other Event-Specific Kitting
  • Real-Time Order Management, Tracking
  • Dispensing, Distribution, Recovery, Reuse
  • Patient Registration, Treatment, Tracking
  • Sheltering, Family Reunification

irms|GOKIT Accountability

  • Pharma Lot Control/Date Tracking
  • Equipment Serial Number Tracking
  • Micro-Level Container Tracking, Mapping
  • Delivery Tracking, Confirmation
  • US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Audit Trail

irms|GOKIT Reporting

  • Graphical Inventory Dashboards
  • Data Import and Export
  • Built-In and Fully Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Secure and Robust Integration


Key Features

  • emergency management system warehouse in a boxSelf-Contained: Selection of hardware, irms|AM® Asset Management, irms|WM® Warehouse Management, and irms|EM® Emergency Management software.
  • Rugged & Mobile: Ruggedized laptops and mobile equipment designed to withstand abuse under the most demanding field conditions.
  • Modular: CDC SNS and other inventory management at all levels of the distribution model (RSS/RDN/POD) and patient treatment and tracking.
  • Scalable: Ramps up/down in minutes for national, state, regional, local emergency response, quickly and accurately, the first time, every time.
  • Adaptable & Easy-to-Use: Wizards for RSS/RDN/POD management, CBRNE and other Event-specific Kitting, automated inventory apportionment and distribution, visual Dashboards.
  • Secure: Secure WPA/WPA2 mobile wireless, as well as SSL, HTTPS, HIPAA and other security & compliances, including US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 audit trail.
  • Interoperable: Supports PHIN guidelines, and provides flexible yet robust integration, including HL7 compliance for healthcare interoperability.
  • Enterprise-Wide: Designed to operate standalone, and also as an extension of your overall Web enterprise deployment strategy.


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