The landscape is changing for Warehouse Management Systems. With the advancement of cloud platforms, complimentary applications, and business intelligence tools, evaluating a WMS today is much different than it was with first-generation systems. Gartner now stresses that contemporary technical architecture should be a key deciding factor moving forward.

Technical architecture is now a critical evaluation criterion for buyers.
- Gartner, Consider These Critical Issues When Evaluating Warehouse Management Systems

Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, recently released its study on "10 Technology Best Practices When Evaluating Warehouse Management Systems." This insightful report provides vital information for logistics and IT leaders looking to update or purchase a new WMS.

Modernization is a Must

Technology modernization is a must in today's world. No longer can applications stand alone with endless updates and custom fixes for a proprietary system. In order to properly maximize your WMS investment during the lifespan of your purchase (approximately 10 years) you'll need the most advanced technologies available so your system can change along with your supply chain. A flexible system allows both IT and operations leaders in your organization to adapt on the fly as market conditions demand without impacting your daily operations.

A modern warehouse management system enables enhanced operational agility so that supply chain processes are made continually rather than being the stumbling block due to system limitations.

How to Select a Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management Systems have come a very long way since the 1980s. With gigantic leaps forward in technology platforms, functionality, and usability, the process of buying or updating a warehouse management system has also dramatically changed.

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