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Mon, 2014-02-10

Upp Technology’s proprietary billing solutions projected to add $100 million in new revenue to local health departments nationwide.

(Chicago, ILL.) — Upp Technology today announced the launch of its new initiative, the $100 Million Challenge, which challenges its SMART Health Claims team to generate $100 million in sustainable annual revenue over a three-year period for local health departments nationwide.
“We’ve seen first-hand the incredible financial hardships that local health departments are going through right now,” said Scott Upp, Chief Executive Officer of Upp Technology. “The Hundred Million Dollar Challenge not only expresses our commitment to add real money back into public health but to help educate everyone that the time to support local health is now.”
Local health departments and their employees are on the front lines in providing valuable health resources for communities around the entire country. Unfortunately, they are struggling to meet the ongoing challenge to maintain sustainable revenue sources to ensure long-term viability. When it comes to annual budgets, funding for public health initiatives is often among the first thing to be cut. Over the past eight years, public health funding has dropped by more than $1 billion a year in the U.S. With smarter billing programs in place, Upp Technology can help these local health departments quickly and easily add $100 million in new, sustainable revenue to public health.
“Identifying sustainable revenue sources is vital to the future of local health departments and to the health of our nation,” continued Upp. “We have developed innovative solutions for local health departments to capture revenue for their service models, with the goal of generating $100 Million in sustainable, annual revenue for local health departments nationwide.”
Upp Technology’s approach to developing sustainable revenue for local health departments focuses on four key components that achieve efficiencies and utilize innovative solutions to:
  • Contract with insurance companies
  • Outsource billing services
  • Implement web-based billing tools
  • Training staff
“Local health departments are the foundations of healthy communities,” stated Upp, “and as the landscape continues to evolve with changes from the Affordable Care Act, health departments need to embrace new opportunities to be reimbursed by public and private insurance groups, and develop funding that will allow them to continue providing vital health services to their communities.”
Developed specifically for the unique needs of public health, the SMART Health Suite makes billing and claims management easy for local and community health professionals. The system’s array of helpful tools include:
  • Scheduler - allows you to schedule new and existing patients
  • Claims Management - allows you to process, submit, and track both private insurance claims and Medicaid/Medicare
  • Instant Eligibility Check - checks the validity and coverage status of both Medicaid/Medicare and privately insured patients
  • Reporting - provides customizable reports to track claims, submissions, denials, and patients
The SMART Health Suite is not only designed to be easy-to-use for public health departments; it is also easy to get started. As most local health departments are unable to afford the cost of a software system, the SMART Health Suite is affordable for all public health organizations, and includes only minimal start-up costs.
The $100 Million Challenges launched nationally on February 10th. To learn more about the challenge and to set up an appointment for your local health department to learn more about Upp’s SMART Health Claims Suite, visit:
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Upp Technology, founded in 1985, is the creator of the SMART Health Suite. The suite is the only billing solution suite specifically designed for the needs of public health departments. Working with local health departments nationwide, Upp Technology works to develop sustainable revenue sources for public health. For more information on Upp Technology, please visit
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