Upp Technology, a leading provider of information technology solutions nationwide, held a two-day forum at the Dart Logistics warehouse to discuss current projects and how irms|360™ Enterprise Warehouse Management Software has been utilized to overcome new industry challenges. The 3PL Executive Forum, an Upp Technology vertical user forum, enables clients with similar business models to meet and discuss relevant industry challenges and software solutions, all the while promoting the annual wellness of irms|360, thereby ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their software investment.

With dozens in attendance representing 3PL/4PLs coast to coast, users of irms|360 created presentations outlining their own experiences with irms|WM™ Warehouse Management System technology, illustrating creative uses of the software and ideas for future enhancement. Presentations were followed by smaller group sessions where representatives from the different companies met and discussed common user issues and their own solutions for overcoming these obstacles.

“What was really exciting was to be able to have a handful of different companies who are competitors, and to see the openness and collaboration that they exhibited for the betterment of service,” said Carl Brewer, President of Upp Technology. “It was our biggest fear, but with the spirit of collaboration we witnessed, we were able to take that and fuel our own product initiatives.”

The forum was more than just a way to share real-world software experience; it also gave representatives the chance to build bonds within their industry, as Dart personnel provided a tour of their expansive warehouse, while Upp Technology held a networking event in the evening at a White Sox baseball game.

The forum concluded with a discussion of the future of irms|360, focusing on potential solutions that could be provided and generating ideas that will be supported both technologically and financially by Upp Technology. In addition, Dotcom Distribution was recognized for their outstanding achievement in creative utilization and implementation of irms|WM technology, receiving the Innovative Solution Award for their exceptional customer service within the 3PL industry.

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