Downers Grove, IL – Having deployed six emergency response teams to work directly with several states during the H1N1 antiviral distribution, Upp Technology recently provided an enhanced version of their irms|EM™ Emergency Management and irms|PM™ Patient Management software products. The new enhancements will provide a more streamlined process, enabling state public health agencies to react to pandemic events with greater efficiency and accuracy.

"In this day and age when a state's response speed is dependent on data entry - their solutions are lacking," says Carl Brewer, President of Upp Technology. With the recent deployment by the CDC of H1N1 antivirals, many states were slowed in their response and distribution by spreadsheets, inaccurate data, and outdated distribution models."

Upp Technology quickly enhanced an already strong suite of integration tools to provide state coordinators with the ability to quickly and accurately process federally managed and vendor managed inventory. With dynamic data load features now available as part of the irms|EM solution, streamlined operations not only ensure quick and accurate data loads - but also provide enhanced feature/function to the solutions apportionment wizards.

These new features enable the state to import data for quick additions of Point-of-Distribution (POD) locations with Geo-coding options for on-the-fly integration to existing Emergency Operations Centers (EOC). New filters and dashboard options enhance the apportionment wizard's ability to filter, select, and view POD sites by virtually any criteria. For example, a state planner could easily select all tier 1 hospital locations across a specific region for vaccine distribution in a single click.

"These features will provide better tools to our clients that will in turn enhance their state's ability to distribute and track critical vaccines and equipment this fall, when H1N1 distribution will be vitally important," says Brewer.

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