It’s hard out there for local health agencies right now. While demand for services has been rising, the necessary funding for operations has been dropping. In order to retain services and staff, local health clinics need to adapt to the environment by finding new ways to bring in revenue.

Upp Technology is here to help with a free, no-obligation revenue performance evaluation for any local health agency. The evaluation uncovers revenue opportunities for clinics, and teaches how to implement effective billing programs.

The Upp Technology revenue performance evaluation is:
  1. Effective – Catered specifically to each clinic, Upp Technology’s free revenue evaluation will provide an analysis of specific areas and services that can generate substantial revenue. Typical evaluations reveal a 35% – 70% increase in overall agency revenue. Upp Technology will scour existing processes to identify any inefficiencies in a clinic’s approach to help accelerate reimbursements, reduce A/R time, and improve staffing and productivity.
  2. Free – The revenue evaluation is completely free, but only through the end of the year, so act fast. There is no obligation to act on the report with Upp Technology either. The only resource commitment from a clinic’s end is to have key staff available for interviews and observations. 
  3. Easy – Open to any local health agency, the revenue performance evaluation is a thorough, but pain-free process. Upp technology will conduct interviews with relevant staff, observe a clinic’s processes and operations, and collect service data to aid in the evaluation. Clinics will just need to make sure the staff is available for those interviews, and information and data is readily available for Upp Technology to analyze.
  4. Quick – Upp Technology will be ready to kickoff the evaluation within two weeks of an initial request. From there, a typical revenue evaluation will be completed within just 30 days.
  5. Actionable – With an Upp Technology free revenue evaluation report, a clinic will receive actionable advice to begin increasing revenue within 30 days. Reports include a detailed overview of a clinic’s existing services and processes, a sample analysis of revenue generation data, and actionable recommendations to increase revenue.
Learn more about getting started on your clinic’s free, no-obligation revenue performance evaluation by visiting our revenue evaluation FAQs or by filling out our evaluation registration form
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