Upp Technology, inc., a leader in IT solutions for Public Health, announced today that the Maryland Department of Mental Health and Hygiene has selected the irms|360™ Enterprise solution suite, deploying the irms|GOKIT™ Mobile Logistics platform throughout the state’s 24 counties for emergency resource management and patient tracking. The software, including irms|EM™ Emergency Management and irms|PM™ Patient Management, provides the DHMH secure access and immediate insight into critical supplies, people and processes.

irms|360 Enterprise is a single source solution that connects disparate data systems into a secure, enterprise-wide data repository, transforming data into real-time actionable intelligence for the ultimate in communication, collaboration and informed decision making. The commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software system is easy-to-use, can be deployed in any environment and delivers the first comprehensive, healthcare management suite to view and manage inventory, asset, patient, and program data in one single location.

The irms|GOKIT mobile logistics platform enables remote management of critical emergency response inventories, assets and supplies as well as patient dispensing facilities in real-time from any location. The mobile solution can operate in a standalone environment with or without external connectivity and can be operational within 15 minutes of deployment.

irms|EM provides complete control over the receipt, staging and mobilization of emergency pharmaceuticals, supplies and equipment. The software enables mobile access to a centralized web-based system where state officials can easily monitor patients as they are treated and emergency inventories as they are utilized. The solution allows officials to respond immediately in the event that local supplies require replenishment.

irms|PM provides the DHMH with a patient management solution to quickly and efficiently manage registration, treatment, transfer and discharge of an unlimited number of patients in day-to-day operations and in temporary emergency facilities. By systematically recording data associated with every patient, the solution enhances both the quantity and quality of patient services, including patient registration, triage consultation, emergency (POD) deployment models and administration of flu clinics.

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