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Expedite business processes to maximize cost efficiency and improve customer service.

Between the abundance of regulations and scarcity of resources, the healthcare system presents challenges that can be seemingly impossible to surmount. For providers and processors of Medicare & Medicaid under constant pressure to improve services, Upp Technology’s consulting team of project managers, business analysts, subject matter experts, and technologists understand the unique demands of the healthcare industry. With expertise in Medicare A-B-C-D, DME contracts, and HIPAA, our knowledgeable and professional consultants deliver on enrollment, billing, claims, benefits administration and security & compliance solutions. Turn to Upp Technology to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and provide the best quality of care.

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Core Medicare and Medicaid Consulting Competencies

  • Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)
  • Health Records (EHR-PHR-EMR)
  • Medicaid Management
  • Medicare DME Contracts
  • Financial Reconciliation
  • Benefits Administration
Innovative Technology Solutions