Client Profile:
Today's demanding retail environment requires businesses to rely on the power and insight that analytics systems can provide. Complex in nature, these systems reveal trends that can provide a key edge over the competition. When a multi-national, Fortune 500 client needed assistance in harnessing the power of retail analytics, Upp consultants were engaged to detangle the profusion of information.
When companies of this magnitude search for an industry edge, Siebel – the leader in large-scale, business analytics – is often employed. By approaching corporate analytics from a multi-leveled sales perspective, Siebel provides insight into marketing, call centers, retail, and sales force automation. Projects that analyze cross-departmental data require the optimum mix of internal business analysts, and Siebel program and architecture experts.
Upp IT consultants assisted in planning and architecture implementation with the Siebel Global Team. Processes to define and enforce full software life-cycle standards for new business requirements were implemented, decreasing risk and lowering costs by providing visibility to potential issues prior to implementation.
Upp consultants participated in projects providing manufacturing, delivery and sales goals to remote sales representatives and wholesalers. Installation and configuration services provided by Upp consultants allowed the company to conform to new internal guidelines, while providing the large-scale implementation experience required by customers of this size. For unique implementations of the Siebel system, Upp consultants provided the customer with tuning and performance monitoring services, ensuring the necessary speed for global manufacturers.
Business Value:
While Siebel provides this customer with unique insight and business value, the dissemination of information to key business units is still incredibly complex. The proactive approach introduced by Upp consultants has decreased the cost of sales in the retail arena, while increasing the sales representatives' awareness to client needs.
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