The Upp community online forum provides a place for Upp Technology customers to share their knowledge and experience with irms|360 Enterprise products and services. Upp Technology invites customers to join in a collaborative meaningful discussion. This is an opportunity to communicate your industry expertise and real-world experience using irms|360 for the benefit of other customer users.
Registered Users
Upp Technology customers are invited to participate in the Upp community online forum. To join in the discussion, customers are asked to fill a short form, including customer email address. The email address is required for registration and approval. The email address will not be posted by Upp Technology. Please review the company Privacy Policy before registering.
Customers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and for activities that occur under the account. To maintain the integrity of your account, please do not share your Upp community online forum user ID and password.
Forum Visitors
Visitors to the Site who are not registered to the Upp community online forums will be able to view forum and topic titles only. Unregistered users cannot interact with the community. They cannot login and will not be able to view or make posts.
User Roles
Contributors. Registered customer users are Contributors. Contributors can participate in the Upp online community forums and share their knowledge by commenting on existing posts, and adding new topics and posts. Contributors may add a comment to, but not edit or delete other users’ entries.
Facilitators. Subject matter experts inside and outside of Upp Technology are Facilitators. They are available to help lead discussions, answer questions, offer new ideas and strategies concerning irms|360 Enterprise products and services, and related topics. Facilitators may not edit or delete other users’ posts.
Moderators. Moderators are Upp Technology administrators responsible for promoting good community practices and ensuring the Upp online community forums remain an inviting place for other users. As such, Moderators may add, edit, delete, view and move topics and posts. Moderators approve user registrations and, if necessary, Moderators may also remove user accounts.
Do’s and Don’ts

  • Take active part in the discussion.
  • Ask for help and help others.
  • Share what you know.
  • Be respectful and encouraging of others.
  • Be respectful of others’ privacy.
  • Feel free to report inappropriate usage to


  • Post anything you do not want others to see.
  • Use obscene or offense language.
  • Harass, abuse, intimidate or personally attack others.
  • Post in ALL CAPS. This is considered shouting.
  • Post anything invasive of others’ privacy.
  • Post copyrighted content.

Rights and Responsibilities
Upp Technology reserves the right to remove any posts it deems inaccurate, inappropriate, offensive, objectionable, or otherwise prohibited under these guidelines. In addition, Upp Technology reserves the right to delete user accounts for users who behave in a manner deemed inappropriate, offensive, objectionable, or otherwise prohibited under these guidelines.

Spam, advertisements, chain letters, solicitations, adult material and other such posts are inappropriate and prohibited. Such topics and posts will be removed, and the user accounts under which such posts are made will be deleted.

While the Upp online community forums are moderated, users are responsible for the content they post. Upp Technology does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of posted information. Posts reflect the view of the author, and not necessarily Upp Technology. If you feel an entry is inappropriate, please inform immediately.

These guidelines are effective July 1, 2011 and subject to change.

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