Maintain a secure chain of custody for validation and verification throughout the supply chain, tracking people, product, and process in and between your facilities.

Realize your data management, integration, auditing and standards compliance objectives with ease.

In an industry as heavily regulated as pharmaceuticals are, where customers continually expect more and R&D is everything, irms|360™ Enterprise software lets you keep your focus on growing your business. While the software efficiently tracks government compliance during all facets of the supply chain, you can concentrate on R&D and your competitors, and not on tight margins.

irms|360™ Enterprise Software provides continuous, real-time visibility throughout the supply chain, tracking people, product, and process through and between your facilities to U.S. FDA standards for controlled substances.
Built-in controls, validation, and verification at the point-of-data-capture ensure lot control and FEFO handling of dated inventory and safe handling of hazardous materials, while reverse logistics supports product recall.
Validated for cGMP production and process controls, irms|360 software provides indisputable auditing, robust open source integration capability, data sharing and reporting to make standards compliance a given.
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