Field level execution of emergency operations plans with instant and continuous operational insight into inventory, asset, resource, and patient data on-demand.

Capitalize on secure, efficient, and accurate data management for improvements in public service and accountability.

Scalable and robust, irms|360® Enterprise provides security of data and operations at the state, county and local level. Our software is perfect for highly regulated industries through its continuous visibility and tracking of capital assets, vehicles, supplies, equipment, personnel and processes to U.S. FDA standards.

Available for enterprise or standalone deployment, irms|360 provides emergency management and inventory tracking at all levels and types of services, from fire, police, and public health to schools,  and utilities. From everyday use in inventory management to large-scale emergency response, our software solutions include mobilization, recovery, reuse, demobilization, and tracking of mission-critical inventories from the state and local public infrastructure to the population.

Our software uses barcode and RFID scanning provides the fastest, most accurate data capture. A streamlined interface ensures ease of data management. Open source interoperability provides extensive options for third-party systems interface. emergency managementReporting supports GASB and other compliances for comprehensive accounting and public accountability.

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