Total control, secure data collection and storage, continuous visibility, and tracking of mission critical inventory and assets day-to-day and in an emergency.  

Exceed your enterprise-wide data management and tracking requirements with one central system.

Supporting an unlimited number of facilities, inventory, assets, vendors, and customers, irms|360 Enterprise provides total control. Experience secure data collection and storage, continuous visibility and tracking of capital assets, vehicles, supplies, equipment, personnel, and processes, including end-to-end transaction auditing to U.S. government standards for controlled materials.

Fully scalable and interoperable, irms|360 is available for enterprise or standalone deployment, for single site, multi-site and mobile use. This includes integration with barcoding and RFID technology as well as a wide range of material handling automation equipment. For use every day in government warehouses and storerooms, our solution is perfect for large-scale emergency management, response, and preparedness with optional disbursement tracking.

Designed for flexibility and ease-of-use, irms|360 features configurable business rules to enforce organizational policies and industry best practices enterprise-wide or facility-by-facility. emergency managementOur solution supports role-based access control for security, standards-compliance in data sharing, and comprehensive business intelligence for assurance in public accountability.

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