irms|360™ Enterprise is the only proven reliable mission to task public health solution that provides a conduit between state, county and local Command & Control for the ultimate in communication, collaboration and informed decision-making.

Realize maximum agility in disaster mitigation, preparedness, readiness and responsiveness.

irms|360™ Enterprise provides public health and safety officials with a single source solution to all emergency management needs – on an emergency basis, day-to-day and in support of scenarios or exercises for preparedness, readiness and responsiveness.

No matter the circumstance, our secure, standards-compliant irms|360 software tracks people, process and product from end-to-end, as drugs, medical supplies and equipment from local stockpiles and donations as well as the SNS are shipped from state/county/local storage locations, dispensed to treatment locations or shelters, and issued to people.

At the point-of-data-capture, irms|360 validates and verifies inventory, asset, human resource and patient information, storing it for continuous visibility, public accountability and post-response analysis and reporting.

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