Using irms|360™ Enterprise for end-to-end visibility of products, people and process enables multinationals competing in a fierce marketplace to achieve increased interoperability across the supply chain and an unprecedented level of accountability while cutting costs.

Enforce process controls enterprise-wide or warehouse-by-warehouse.

irms|360™ Enterprise is a centralized data repository, supporting thousands of warehouses with enterprise deployment, using configurable business rules to manage each facility independently or as a group. By managing activities systematically, the software enforces multinationals’ processes and procedures in material control and management organization-wide or warehouse by warehouse.

Data classification and maintenance is supported using any number of bar code naming and topologies such as EAN, GTIN, HCC and ePC RFID. Internationalization provides internal hooks, supporting single- and double-byte character sets as well as localization mechanisms for foreign currencies, units and date formats. And inventory management includes support for RoHS as well as MSDS for HAZMAT, Customs, VICS BOL, SCM and labeling compliant with industry standards.

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