how is the ebola virus spreadWhile the original source of the ebola virus remains unknown, we have a few strong clues as to its origin and spread. It’s theorized the virus is carried by fruit bats, and is then transmitted to humans when they consume the bats as a meal or by eating fruit that a bat has previously nibbled on.

Once a human contracts the virus, it is then spread through direct contact with the blood or bodily fluids of the infected. To this point, the disease has not been transmitted through the air. This means that healthcare providers and immediate family are often at the highest risk to get Ebola. What may be construed at first as a case of the common flu, could in fact be Ebola, and by that point, the family or providers may have already had the virus transmitted to them.

The virus remains active in the recently deceased, putting those who perform burial rituals, specifically embalming, at great risk. Even if a human survives Ebola, they are still able to spread the diseases via sexual contact for up to two months.


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what is the ebola virus how is ebola spread how to stop ebola


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where is ebola
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