Client Profile:

The Tennessee Department of Health works to protect, promote and improve the health and well-being of Tennesseans and visitors to the state. The 16th largest state in the nation, the population of Tennessee has over 6 million residents in 95 counties.

To efficiently meet the needs of such a large population, Tennessee required a robust yet flexible system for resource and asset management, accurate pharmaceutical and medical supply distribution, and day-to-day clinic and lab management in over 100 diverse locales. In an emergency, the solution also had to stand ready for the receipt, apportionment and disbursement of medical supplies and equipment from the Strategic National Stockpile.


For both day-to-day and emergency inventory and patient management, Tennessee implemented Upp Technology’s irms|WM™ Warehouse Management, irms|EM™ Emergency Management and the irms|GOKIT™ Mobile Logistics Platform. The modular solution is used every day for inventory management in public health clinics and pharmacies, including in drug dispensing and laboratory management, supporting U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and lot control in pharmaceutical tracking, ICD 9/10 in patient diagnostics, and HIPPA and HL7 for secure, compliant data capture and exchange.

Deployed as scalable, interoperable and mobile enterprise solutions at over 100 remote sites, the irms|GOKIT contains all the necessary components to operate within a facility or designated area, with or without external connectivity. The irms|GOKIT enables staff, first responders, medical teams and administrators to decisively manage their responsibilities using accurate and real-time information. Powerful irms|BI™ Business Intelligence provides Web-based reporting and Dashboards for comprehensive resource management; while, irms|Integration™ ensures seamless integration to command and control software, such as WebEOC.

The implementation effort included project management, business process analysis and process mapping, personnel and work management, leading system integration, test plan development for systems quality assurance, training, documentation including online and interactive tutorial materials, and 24x7 support, as well as continuing support for disaster response drills such as annual National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) exercises for assessment and optimization of regional preparedness.

Also providing upgrade services, Upp Technology has additionally developed a custom irms|PM™ Patient Management Portal for Tennessee as a follow-on component, provided in Phase II of the project under the auspices of a UASI grant. irms|PM offers Tennessee real-time, event-driven patient management throughout the encounter process from registration (supporting data capture from bar coded license, ID or triage wristband) to final disposition, including patient transport and continuous location management. Custom built irms|BI™ Business Intelligence Dashboards provide instant situational awareness.

Business Value:

The Upp Technology solution for inventory handling automation according to commercial best practices as well as compliant data capture and management in lab diagnostics has allowed the State of Tennessee to increase operational efficiencies on a daily basis in public health clinics and pharmacies statewide. This, in addition to improving the state’s response capabilities for maximum communication, collaboration and connectivity in a public health emergency.

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