Client Profile:

Illinois Tool Works (ITW) is a highly diversified company with more than 840 small business units, operations in 52 countries, and 60,000 employees. A global diversified industrial manufacturer, ITW manufactures welding, automotive OEM, industrial packaging, food, construction, test and measurement, electronics and other equipment.

The Challenge:

When Illinois Tool Works needed to increase efficiency, productivity and visibility in their warehouse, they turned to Upp Technology’s proven irms|WM® Warehouse Management system.

The Solution:

Upp Technology implemented the irms|WM system for ITW’s Paslode Division, which designs and manufactures pneumatic and cordless tools, nailing and stapling systems for construction, remodeling and industrial applications. Long-time innovators, Paslode introduced the first pneumatic tool (a light-duty upholstery tacker), the first commercially-accepted pneumatic nail gun, and the first cordless power framing nailer – all contributing to increased efficiency and productivity in the construction industry.

Following our 5-phase implementation methodology, informed by PMI PMBOK, Upp Technology deployed irms|WM in six regional Paslode warehouse and distribution facilities. irms|WM was implemented first as a pilot project in Pennsylvania, and owing to its success expanded to an additional five U.S.-based facilities in just ten months with the entire effort coming in on time and budget. The subsequent roll-out was streamlined, completed in record time using lessons learned from the pilot engagement.

irms|WM implementation for Paslode included interfacing with third-party enterprise systems, including a Host system, a Shipping system, and their existing Business Intelligence solution. irms|WM is also integrated with their Material Handling systems (RFID-driven conveyors) and for vendor communications using EDI. At Paslode, the system facilitates inbound, outbound and inventory management enterprise-wide, managing SKUs from innumerable vendors and processing thousands of multi-line orders per day.

Following the Paslode success, irms|WM was rolled out to ITW Construction Products of Canada. ITW Construction Products manufactures leading fasteners and power fastening systems under the industry-leading names such as Buildex, Ramset Red Head, and Duo-Fast.

At ITW Construction Products, Upp Technology implemented irms|WM at a new facility dedicated to their new client, Canadian Tire Corporation. Using cross-docking and direct-to-retailer shipping, the warehouse fulfills orders exclusively for Canadian Tire purchases from the ITW fastener line of products comprised of nearly 2,000 SKUs.

Multisite irms|WM implementation at ITW includes enterprise mobility using RF technology for the fastest, most efficient and most accurate data capture with real-time update to the central database. On a daily basis, the irms|WM solution supports order fulfillment of nearly 400 orders, averaging 76 lines each.

Business Value:

In turning to Upp Technology and irms|WM, Illinois Tool Works has increased productivity in their warehouse operations, increased inventory accuracy to 99%+, significantly reduced the incidence of error with automated data capture, and improved customer service with the implementation of EDI ASN for visibility.

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