Client Profile:

Stonewall Kitchen is a leading international specialty foods retailer consistently recognized by The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade for outstanding products, such as salad dressings, jams, cooking sauces, and dried goods. Stonewall Kitchen’s tenacious passion for supplying fickle consumers with only the best foodstuffs has earned the company a place at the top of a highly competitive market.

About 50% of Stonewall Kitchen’s gourmet and specialty goods go to wholesale distribution for shipping to retailers, 25% to any of eight of Stonewall’s own retail store locations, and another 25% is direct-to-consumer.

A key factor in Stonewall Kitchen’s ability to meet growing demand, driven by seasonal ebbs and flows, is its multi-channel, flexible supply chain. As Stonewall Kitchen’s businesses and brands continue to grow, with more stores carrying their product lines, Stonewall Kitchen depends upon Upp Technology’s irms|WM® Warehouse Management to manage their inventory needs.


To help Stonewall Kitchen meet demand, keep delivering great customer service, and maintain a competitive advantage, Upp Technology implemented irms|WM, overhauling their enterprise supply chain for a leaner, more responsive model with highly diversified product lines to suit consumers’ constant craving for something new and different.

With Upp Technology’s irms|WM Stonewall Kitchen has the means to coordinate logistics in the “last mile of the supply chain” for their B2B and B2C clients, ensuring on-time delivery of products from central distribution centers to retailers and customers.

irms|WM provides Stonewall Kitchen with real-time visibility of inventory, orders in the queue, and activity analysis intuitively recommends where products should be placed for easy accessibility. With the deep insight provided by irms|WM business intelligence, Stonewall Kitchen warehouse managers can better focus material handlers, determining how many employees to allocate to picking, packing or shipping for a given day to meet demand.

Increased inventory visibility and accuracy has also enabled Stonewall Kitchen to eliminate “extra” inventory in the supply chain, in turn freeing up room to store more inventory. This is made possible to jump on a new business opportunity, manufacturing and distributing the ever expanding line of Barefoot Contessa products.

Business Value:

irms|WM has enabled Stonewall Kitchen to operate at an impressive 99.9% accuracy rate. Even better is the company’s decline in SKU variances: with irms|WM, they have achieved 97% of zero variance during cycle counts, a marked improvement over their previous rate. Most important, this near perfect inventory accuracy has enabled Stonewall Kitchen to proactively take corrective action to prevent stock outs while maintaining a leaner enterprise.

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