Client Profile:

The Maryland Department of Mental Health and Hygiene services twenty-four main local jurisdictions, with a total population of almost six million, and oversees such departments as Infectious Disease and Environmental Health Administration and the Office of Preparedness and Response.

When the DHMH needs to ensure its residents receive the supplies and treatment they need during a public health emergency, they turn to Upp Technology’s irms|GOKIT® Mobile Logistics Platform to provide real-time data on medical supplies, distribution, and patient management, wherever and however they need it.


Utilizing the irms|GOKIT as a central server solution, the DHMH has supplied each county with its own multi-functional irms|GOKIT, a portion of which are employed in day-to-day functions. The irms|GOKIT is capable of performing patient tracking and pharmaceutical administration as a point of distribution (POD), while also acting as a fully functional standalone warehouse for medical supplies and equipment. The irms|GOKIT provides flexibility alongside functionality, allowing the creation of PODs wherever necessary. Requiring no internet connection, the irms|GOKIT can function in the most remote of locations, and by utilizing its hardware, such as the laptop server, portable label printer and wireless RF handhelds for barcode scanning, the irms|GOKIT can ensure accountability under any circumstance.

The DHMH’s emergency supply warehouse has been equipped with an irms|GOKIT for use in blackout conditions. Utilizing the laser printer and tethered scanner, the warehouse can ensure inventory accuracy both in and out of the warehouse during an emergency, providing total inventory visibility and ensuring lot controlled drugs and personal protective equipment are disbursed where they are needed most.

Over 70 decision makers and staff from the DHMH were irms|GOKIT certified by Upp Technology project managers, receiving training before deployment, as well as post-implementation training in one-on-one settings, ensuring each county’s GOKIT is tailored to their specific needs. The DHMH is also the third state to participate in the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) integration project. Pushing for statewide interoperability, all data captured and collected at PODs will then be integrated into the CDC’s database, allowing analysis and data sharing between the DHMH and the states of Texas and Washington.

Business Value:

A large-scale disaster response requires that state staff manage patients, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in real-time, often while under less than favorable conditions. The continuous visibility and unmatched flexibility offered by the irms|GOKIT provides the DHMH with the potential to treat its residents efficiently, bringing the solution wherever it’s needed most. Upp Technology’s program managers ensure that the DHMH’s first responders are not only ready in case of an emergency, but prepared with a solution configured specifically for the needs of the population.

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