Submitted on Mon, 2017-02-20
By Upp Software

Every journey is unique. All paths are similar. 

With more than 50 systems to investigate, identifying the right Cloud Warehouse Management System for your organization may take the better part of a year.

While each journey is entirely unique, the overall process of buying a system is quite similar. Our team has analyzed buyer behavior data across a broad spectrum of organizations to pinpoint the specific steps involved with buying a WMS.

In this webinar, [Available Now On Demand], we alleviate the challenge of facing the unknown by outlining 15 steps every organization will go through when purchasing a WMS. 

Your team will make the right decision faster, putting you on the fast track to reducing operational costs and increasing revenue in your warehouse.  

Learn the 15 steps that every organization goes through when purchasing a warehouse management system, including: 

  • How to start your research

  • What questions to ask each vendor

  • What to look for when reviewing a demo

  • What operational details you’ll need to share

  • How to get an accurate price

  • What to negotiate in your contract



View the 15 Steps to Buying a Warehouse Management System Webinar On Demand

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