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By Carl Brewer

Help FEMA spread awareness about emergency preparedness within your community on April 30th.

Emergency Management - National Day of Action

Federal spending on disaster response has increased by more than 8,000% over the last 60 years, but Americans feel more susceptible than ever to future disasters. Worse yet, most Americans are completely unprepared for disasters (only 14% of people are actively prepared for disasters in their area). To help combat these feelings and improve the overall preparedness of the country, FEMA has launched a brand new national awareness day.

The first ever PrepareAthon will take place on April 30th in communities throughout the country. The new national event strives to both inform and empower people all over the country on the disasters they may face and how they can best prepare to prevent and respond to them. Cities and counties across the country are holding their own preparedness training events on the 30th to help spread the awareness. As National Public Health Week showed, emergency preparedness starts at home, so get involved to help make our country stronger.

Know The Disasters to Prepare For

The National Day of Action this year will focus on the four most destructive weather phenomena the country faces throughout the coming months. Hundreds of weather-related deaths are reported in America every year and the property damage alone from these storms and events can be dozens of billions of dollars.



With roughly 1200 occurrences throughout the US every year, tornadoes can strike anywhere at anytime during the year, but mostly occur during the evenings of spring and summer days east of the Rocky Mountains.

emergency management for Tornadoes



If you live near the coast, especially in the southeast, you’re going to have to deal with hurricanes from June to November every year.

emergency management for Hurricanes



Flooding can also occur in any of the 50 states. Only a few inches of rain can cause a flood and they are typically seen during the Spring and Summer seasons.

emergency management for floods



Often accidentally man-made in origin wildfires can also occur in every part of the country and are particularly prevalent during periods of little to no rainfall.

emergency management for Wildfires


Take Preparedness Action

Beyond understanding what disasters to look out for locally, the PrepareAthon’s National Day of Action’s main focus is to empower people to take emergency preparedness into their own hands. FEMA has some great resources to help people identify where they fit into the preparedness scale and what they can do around their house and in their community to improve safety during disasters. It takes an entire community working together to effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from destructive weather and other emergencies. Watch the two videos below from FEMA to see how important preparing your family for disaster can be during a tornado or hurricane.




Almost one million people have pledged to take part on April 30th. Learn more about The National Day of Action by visiting FEMA also provides an excellent partner toolkit that gives community organizers tips on speaking with their communities, event planning, event promotion, media outreach, social media outreach, and legislative advocacy.

Learn more about our emergency management solutions today and read our five-part White Paper series by the former Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, Dr. Craig Vanderwagen, M.D., RADM, USPHS on implementing a national health security strategy.

emergency management white paper

(all images and video courtesy of FEMA)

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