Downers Grove, IL – Upp Technology, exclusive provider of the IRMS innovative software suite of products for emergency management, has created a strategic alliance with ESi Acquisition, Inc. (ESi), the global leader in crisis information technology, to identify opportunities to bring combined ESi-Upp Technology solutions to the emergency management industry and its professionals. Together Upp Technology and ESi's combined offering will enhance real-time accuracy for applications in emergency management, as well as simplify on-the-ground decision-making during crisis situations.

The integrated software solution will feature Upp Technology's widely used irms|EM™ Emergency Management software and ESi's WebEOC® industry-standard Crisis Information Management Software to provide real-time visibility in tracking resources for the emergency management industry. As a result, emergency management professionals will have the accurate information needed to monitor and manage people, processes and products such as drugs, medical supplies and equipment, and other critical inventory shipped from both state and federal storage locations.

"Our integrated software solution will present the necessary resources to manage accountability for emergency responders, victims, volunteers and evacuees in crisis situations," said Nadia Butler, president and CEO, ESi. "Forming this alliance with Upp was a natural move in centralizing communications for emergency response solutions and will provide ESi with future areas of growth within other operations management applications."

The IRMS suite of products, including irms|WM™ Cloud Warehouse Management System, irms|AM™ Asset Management, irms|PM™ Patient Management, irms|E