Meeting public safety and security challenges head on, Upp Technology's consulting and software solutions support first responder, medical, fire and police asset and resource deployment, tracking, recovery, demobilization, compensation, and after-action reporting.

Protect and preserve public safety without breaking the budget.

Upp Technology's consulting expertise and software solutions provide public safety personnel with the tools they to improve in inventory control, yielding increased operational efficiencies, and reduced costs. Our solutions are designed for day-to-day use in the fast, efficient, and accurate management of mission vehicles, supplies and equipment, and emergency response and preparedness.

Our secure, standards-compliant irms|360 software tracks people, processes and products from end-to-end in every situation that fire, police, and medical inventories are shipped or distributed and used in the protection, safety, and security of the citizenry.

Built on a proven commercial warehouse management system, our emergency management software also provides handling, allocation and tracking of vaccines, drugs, and PPE from the Strategic Na